HANIA HUSAMIGuided by her love of life, Hania‘s paintings reflect passion, love and freedom. Her brush stroke is nothing but the extension of impulsive emotions translated through bright colors and special techniques.

Born in Tripoli, Hania born with a talent, started drawing at the age of ten with mainly charcoal and aquarelle. That’s when her passion for pictorial art started growing. She was trained as a painter at the University of Akron, Ohio, graduating from the department of Fine Arts, Technique-Drawing in 1992.

Soon, her skills as a contemporary artist revealed outstanding paintings.

In 2004 she officially started her painting carrier by unveiling her creations in numerous exhibitions in Beirut, Fakra 2008, Solidere 2006 and Dubai.

Her paintings surpassed all and every expectations reaching the highest esteem of experts and art critics.
In 2010 Hania inaugurated her first private exhibition “Metamorphoses” at the gallery “Pièce Unique” in Saifi Village. Her 28 contemporary women and horses’ paintings reached an outstanding success which encouraged her to launch in 2012 her second private exhibition “Enchantment where she made her new steps in the world of abstract and mixed media. Hania is highly influenced by fashion, nature and music.

Lately and by pure coincidence, Hania entered the world of jewelry when she started designing special items for herself. Due to the demand of her friens, She ended up creating a private collection called “Fantasy”.

Hania Husami is today one of our Lebanese young artists who struggles hard to raise Lebanese art to highest level of appreciation.